I've Got Some Great News For You! 

If you are looking for MORE in your life, more LOVE, more FULFILLMENT, more HAPPINESS, your search is not in vain. You've come to the right place! 

You are much more powerful than you might already know, and your time to get MORE is now!

You might be single, and sick of not having the kind of loving relationship you desire. 

It could be you aren't meeting people to date, or you are only meeting people who don't share your values or relationship desires. 

Or maybe you can't meet someone with whom you feel that spark of chemistry and compatibility. 

There are lots of reasons why you might be feeling stuck in your love life. 

You might not be single, or at least a romantic relationship isn't at the top of your list of priorities right now. There are a million ways to feel stuck in life. BUT there are also a few key things you can do to begin to live a more brilliant life starting NOW! 

Stop beating yourself up. We all get stuck sometimes! What matters is what you do next. What you do NOW.

If you wanted to get fitter, learn to speak Chinese or learn to bake the perfect croissant and you felt stuck in your attempts, what would you do? Would you hire a trainer, a tutor or take a baking class? Or would you hope to get magically unstuck or give up entirely?

It is time to take an active role, with the right strategy to achieve your love and life goals. 

Love is your birthright! How amazing would this planet be if everyone on it was living their most Genius-level, fulfilled, love-filled lives? Beginning with YOU!

It would be heaven on earth!

I am PASSIONATE about helping people who refuse to settle and are committed to creating their Genius-level relationships and lives. 

I can help in two different ways if you're looking for LOVE:

Matchmaking is an effective love strategy and might be a great option for you, especially if you're crazy busy and want to outsource the legwork of searching for your ideal mate. I literally pound the pavement for my clients, finding eligible singles wherever possible! That commitment is what drives MATCH GENIUS.

Love Coaching might be more up your alley, especially if you are seeking clarity as to what your ideal relationship really looks like, how to recognize great potential partners and how to know where to look to meet them! Coaching is also a great way to uncover your patterns and behaviors that do not serve you in your search for a loving relationship. Total transformation will result! STRATEGY GENIUS is designed to do just that, and more. BREAKTHROUGH GENIUS is a kick-in-the-butt, shorter jumpstart option. 

I can help if you're looking to make lasting and fulfilling change in your LIFE:

  • Life Coaching will help you clarify, strategize and transform! If you're looking to find your passion, start a business, move across the country or the globe, or if you want MORE and you don't know where to start to get it. LIFE GENIUS is designed for you! 

So Who am I? 

I'm Francesca. At a very young age I decided I didn't want to have an "ordinary" life, though I had no idea how I was going to create the life of my dreams.

I was a voracious reader as a kid, and I dreamt of traveling to the faraway places I read about in my books and having grand adventures. I was never a kid who had a specific dream of what I wanted to be when I grew up. (Weird, I know!) But I knew that whatever I did, I wanted it to be fun and exciting! 

I grew up in NYC's South Bronx and my dreams felt very far from my reality. But luckily for me, I had an innate restlessness and stubbornness that worked to my advantage. 

Eventually, I traveled to dozens of countries on 6 continents, lived abroad, graduated from a top law school, had tons of different jobs, including working as a corporate lawyer and a film producer, became a hardcore yogi, created a bicoastal lifestyle, climbed mountains, fell in and out of love, became an entrepreneur and even competed on a little TV show called Survivor a couple of times. Appearing on national television in your underwear is an adventure in and of itself, believe me! 

It hasn't always been pretty, but my life has certainly been out of the ordinary! And I continue to have adventures, big and small, all of the time! 

Best of all, I have cultivated my own love genius, re-written what was once a pretty dismal love story and I continue to manifest the life of my dreams. 

Because I lived my life in a bold way, not afraid to make big changes or do things that others thought were crazy, I found that people were often coming to me for advice. 

They saw that I had started a new life across the country, or that I had managed to meet lots of great eligible guys, taken exotic trips, or that I had successfully changed careers. And they wanted to know how they could do those things, too. 

As time went on, I realized that a lot of the lessons I had learned and the skills I had developed - through trial, error, grief, failure, success and sometimes seemingly insurmountable obstacles could actually help other people to live more fulfilling lives. 

After all, I have worked hard to create the life I wanted and I have learned a few shortcuts along the way! 

Love has long been a primary fascination of mine. I used to have a dating advice blog and had been unprofessionally meddling in my friend's love lives for years! 

Back in 2010 I became acquainted with the matchmaker Paul C. Brunson and he and I became fast friends. He became my mentor and eventually hired me as his agency's Lead Matchmaker and Dating Coach. I was SO honored! Paul continues to be a huge inspiration and mentor to me. 

I began Made to Measure Matching in early 2013 and it has by far been the most rewarding experience of my life. I feel that it is the culmination of everything I have been working towards since I was a little girl in the South Bronx! 

It is my HONOR and privilege to work with dynamic people who are seeking love OR who are seeking to live their lives more brilliantly. 

Please stay in touch! And I am here to talk if you have any questions about us working together.